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Preventable Crises: Iran, Climate Change and Homelessness January 10, 2012

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As we are bombarded in the media by news about the bad relationship between Iran and the US, I can’t but wonder what will come our way and how we, as regular middle class residents can protect ourselves if this tension is not diffused.

When I grew up, I remember that in my Swiss education in the mid-1980s, we learned about the war between Iraq and Iran. We were taught to think of Iraq as the good guys then, with Saddam, even though a dictator, holding the balance of that region in his hands. 

It turns out that the money spent on my education may not have been wasted on me. But then, we also learned in elementary school that by the year 2000, there will be climate problems facing Mother Earth if we in our generation don’t  come together on a global level and rethink our behavior.

In other words, we knew all of what we’re facing was coming our way. We knew it 20, 30 years ago. Yet, we did not prepare, did not change our behavior because at the time it was inconvenient. 

Now I’m working in the field of homelessness and still observe the same pattern. It seems easier for some people to work in their silos and protect their own organizations rather than collaborate and end homelessness in one of the richest countries on earth.

We know we will face the consequences of homelessness – lack of education, health crises, etc. – in the next generation. I’ll keep on fighting. But will it be enough?



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