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Birthday Gift List July 3, 2011

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My Birthday is July 5.

It is a big one – and my husband has planned a surprise party for me. Considering that it didn’t quite work out as planned, I have taken over. As part of my detailed planning skills, I do not want to omit a list of possible surprise gifts, which follows here:

1. A Starbucks Gift Card – $5

2. A Starbucks Gift Card – $10

3. A Starbucks Gift Card – $15

4. A Starbucks Gift Card – $25 (If you were so nice to dish out $20 for my birthday – thanks, you can do so, but why not throw in the extra five bucks and really surprise me?)

5. A subscription to Foreign Affairs magazine (this is a politically inspired blog, after all).

6. A donation to Lovie’s Legacy; please include a note that you learned about this wonderful organization through me. I am currently on the board of Lovie’s Legacy. I believe in this nonprofit because it wants to change animal welfare by teaching children how to deal with animals, especially dogs. My belief is that true change happens when we teach our future generations how to care about and respect other living beings.

Thank you for being my friends!

P.S. Any stranger is welcome to join in the happy giving. Just leave me a comment, and it will be my pleasure to help you make sure I receive your gift.



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