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And NO ONE seems upset! Students are hom December 27, 2010

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And NO ONE seems upset!

Students are homeless in basically every larger community. This article from the Washington Post confirms what I’ve observed in our local youth homelessness situation in Nashville. Teenagers who deal with homelessness are a very hidden population and hard to reach.

One of the problems helping homeless teenagers who are still in school is that federal dollars given to schools for homelessness liaison programs cannot be utilized for housing. At the same time, the definition of homelessness that the Education Department goes by is much broader than the one that the Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses. HUD moneys can go toward housing, but HUD mainly views people as being homeless if they live in the streets or in shelters.
Many teenagers crash on the couches of a friend, move from location to location, stay in motels, etc. Unless they finally go to a shelter, where they are a high target population for victimization, or sleep in a a car, it is hard to find federal dollars to put them in a habitable situation.

Here is a link to a Washington Post article that explains things better

If you want to get involved locally, support Housing First. As we get more funding, we can look at expanding the programs to families and youth. But first we need the community to come together and support us. Join The Key Alliance at http://www.thekeyalliance.org



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