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I’m now working fulltime as communicati November 23, 2010

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I’m now working fulltime as communications coordinator for The Key Alliance, the nonprofit fundraising arm of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a busy and very exciting time right now.
Our goal at The Key Alliance is to end chronic homelessness and reduce overall homelessness in Nashville. To do so, we believe the entire community has to come together.
Homelessness is not a government issue. It is a community issue.
Together we can make a difference by taking one homeless person off the streets of Nashville at a time. We believe in changing lives.
As a society, we have been looking the other way for the past 20 years when it came to dealing with homelessness. But now, one by one, cities across the nation realize that it costs more to manage homelessness by providing services in an unconnected manner (one service agency at a time) than to end homelessness through Housing First. The high costs many chronically homeless individuals acrue stems from ER visits, detox and jail.
We at The Key Alliance promote Housing First, which offers permanent housing to homeless individuals coupled with intensive, individualized case management. Our case management is provided by master’s level social workers at a ratio of 1:12 (which compares to regular case management ratios that can be as high as 1:35 or more).
Our formula for success is: Housing + Case Management + Income = Reduction in Homelessness.
The Key Alliance is not a direct service provider. Instead, this non-traditional nonprofit is all about awareness and fundraising. As funding becomes available, we will contract with existing service providers to take Housing First to a larger scale. Therefore, we are not competing with existing agencies serving homelessness in our community. On the contrary, we are seeking partnerships and will re-allocate the funding we raise.
So why give to The Key Alliance instead of giving directly to a service provider agency? The Key Alliance will hold service providers accountable for the outcomes. We are seeking permanent solutions rather than band aids. If that were already the approach of all service providers, then we would not have seen stagnant and increasing homelessness numbers in our cities. In addition, The Key Alliance does not have much overhead costs. Our staff is paid for by the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission. We’re working for both organizations. Thus, every dollar raised will be utilized to go back out to the community towards solutions to homelessness and awareness to bring us together as a community to tackle homelessness.
You can make a difference today. Join The Key Alliance at http://www.thekeyalliance.org.



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